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Thread: Runtime or Development

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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Tom Cone Jr
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    Apr 2000

    Default Runtime or Development

    Is there a way for a script to detect whether the user opened the database with the runtime engine or with the development version?

    -- tom

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    Craig Schumacker
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    May 2000

    Default RE: Runtime or Development

    I'll take a shot at getting this thread rolling, probably presenting to you
    the obvious.
    As far as I am aware, there is no simple way of determining whether the full
    version is in use, or the runtime. VERSION() only returns the build, and the
    wrong one at that.
    My first thoughts were to try to trigger an error by running some feature
    that is disallowed in the runtime, then trapping the error. Unfortunately,
    there is no error code listed for "full version only" features.
    (I thought there was an error message, but I might have been thinking of A4, or
    A5v1). It's possible that an error code exists, but is unlisted in the
    documentation, but one would still need a way to trigger it and nothing comes to
    mind. Perhaps someone can think of something along these lines.
    My second thought was to look at the HELP, ABOUT ALPHA FIVE sub-menu, as the
    program info is listed there, but I see no way to access it's contents.
    My last thought is a workable solution, but perhaps others will suggest
    better solutions.
    Are you using "Wise" installer, or some other installation
    program? If so, this following idea is easier. If not, this might be
    tough to achieve manually. Here goes:
    Create a file, perhaps a text file. We'll call it VERSION.TXT for this
    example. Install it in the runtime version directory. Use
    :A5.GET_EXE_PATH() to determine the Alpha.exe path, then determine if the file
    VERSION.TXT exists (or doesn't exist if using the full version) using
    Here's where using an installation program would help, as it would be easier
    to implement future installations of the runtime.
    I scanned the runtime and full version files... they appear to be the same
    size, ruling out comparing files of fixed size to determine which version is in
    You could also remove the A5DBGWIN.EXE file from the runtime directory as a
    version marker, but perhaps there is a reason that it is included with the
    runtime files, as unlikely as that may be...
    It has been several hours since your post, and knowing you as we all do, you
    probably had this answered minutes after your post, but I thought it might make
    an interesting topic...

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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Tom Cone Jr
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    Apr 2000

    Default RE: Runtime or Development

    Craig, thanks for the suggestions. I have not been able to come up with a good solution to this one.

    I'm trying to build a script which will close the database if it's opened with the development version, but leave it open if it's opened with the runtime version.

    I can find the exe folder when the database opens. If the text file is not present I can close the database. If the text file is present, the database remains open.

    Now the trick is to figure out how to assure that the text file is stored in the runtime exe folder, only. Still working on that one.

    -- tom

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    VAR Pat Bremkamp's Avatar
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    Pat Bremkamp
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    Default RE: Runtime or Development

    I use this text file idea to check if a computer is network optimized or not so i can tell whether to update when I startup. The only thing I could think of was this text file.

    I finally struck on the idea of putting the text file in the root directory...everybody has a c: !

    The only caution is you have to pick a name that won't be needed by any other program.

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