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Thread: alpha 4 added to alpha 5, makes me use the disc

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    Kim Sargent

    Default alpha 4 added to alpha 5, makes me use the disc

    i have added my alpha 4 tables to the alpha 5 database. but it is not letting me use them unless i have the disc containing the alpha 4 data in the computer. does anyone know anything about this?

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    Default RE: alpha 4 added to alpha 5, makes me use the dis

    With the database open and the control panel displaying the Tables/Sets, click on the last button on the tool bar, the one with the tooltip that says "details". This will switch the display of your database files to show the complete path. If you need to, you can place the cursor between column headings and when it changes to a double headed arrow, expand the column width to see the entire path.

    It's likely you inadvertantly attached to a file on the floppy disk rather than the copy on your hard disk.

    If that's the case, you'll have to select that .dbf file (click on it once), and right click to display the popup menu where you'll select "Drop Table from Database".

    Then find the copy on the hard drive and add it to your database.

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