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Thread: Showing individual tax rates on report

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    Default Showing individual tax rates on report

    In addition to a standard invoice_detail child, I have a tax child linked to my invoice parent table in a 1:N relationship. My form is comprised of fields from the parent making up the header and two browses. The first browse is the invoice_detail table which holds the individual purchased items and the second browse holds rows of sales tax rates and treatments that are used by expressions to calculate total tax. For example in the province of Quebec there are two sales tax rates one Federal and one provincial. These taxes occupy two rows. Field1 names the tax,field2 contains the rate, field3 holds the result of the total purchases times each rate. The sum of field3 is the total tax.
    The law requires that each tax be clearly displayed on the invoice and this is neatly done on a form with a browse that I stick on the bottom of the form next to the totals.
    But has anyone figured out how to do this on a report?

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    Default RE: Showing individual tax rates on report

    I believe you will have to create a subreport to hold the tax records (eg. two for Quebec).

    The way I see this happening is you group the report on invoice number. The fields from the parent table will go in the group header. The invoice items will be in the report's detail section.

    Place the subreport in the group header.

    I am assuming that all the invoice items share the same tax status. That is, all the items are Quebec, or all are Ontario. Therefore, you will want to display the tax information only once per invoice.

    If this is not so you will have to approach the problem somewhat differently.


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