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Thread: Tab stops

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    Ales SKlepic

    Default Tab stops

    Hv A5 V4.5 Built 266.
    When I chose in a set a one to one linked child record, the field contents of the child record don't appear before I save the record - but I want that the child contents appear immediately after I chose the linked field.
    On the form I switched off "Tab stop" n switched on "Read ony" for the child record fileds.
    This problem disappears if I leave "Tab stop" on but then I must put a skip rule ".T." for each child field which is mor etime consuming.
    How can this be achieved easier ?
    In A4 V6.2 user never landed in the child fields when used on a set form.


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    Ales SKlepic

    Default RE: Tab stops

    By experimenting with this problem I realised that if I let all "Tab stops" "on" (also for child record fields), then accordingly arrange tab stops and as the last step switch off all "Tab stops" for child fileds, everything will work like desired - that's fine.
    BUT, if I add another any field to the form and if I due to that field must do the "arrange tab order" AGAIN then the cild fileds' contents where the "Tab stops" wer "off" do not appear before the whole record is saved.
    Well, may be I miss something, but if this works like that, it is not very nice in big complicated forms (to put again all child "tab stops" on, rearrange the tab order and than again cild tab stops off!!!!)


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