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Thread: Xbasic for Everyone-2nd edition

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    Default Xbasic for Everyone-2nd edition

    Yesterday I received my bound copy of “Alpha Five: Xbasic for everyone –2nd Edition.” This is a “must have” for anyone learning Xbasic. Examples of all events, along with sample scripts, are included, plenty of detailed, careful, explanation throughout the entire book. Everything has been updated to Ver 4.5 and many new Chapters have been added. Need to have an Audit Trail in your Application? – it’s in there, all detailed and shown step-by-step how to do it.

    The book, twice as thick as the 1st Edition, is chuck full of good detailed Xbasic examples and explanations. It is excellent for any new Xbasic user. Dr. Wayne did a fine job

    I do think that the information in Chapter 32 under the heading “Back to the Interactive Window” will really answer a lot of User questions.

    I can hardly wait until Dr. Wayne’s next Book is printed.


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    Default RE: Xbasic for Everyone-2nd edition

    I agree with Barry. The update does a good job of filling in a lot of the holes that Editon 1 left. While it probably isn't going to do a whole lot for many of the "Masters" at this site, if you were left scratch your head with editon 1, give this a try. I believe that you will agree that it is money well spent.

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    Default RE: Xbasic for Everyone-2nd edition

    Hi all,

    I would like to add my appreciation to everyone else's. My copy arrived yesterday and it is enhanced in the way that good second editions tend to be: holes plugged, ambiguities clarified, etc.

    There is so much work involved in such a project that we owe it to Peter Wayne to thank him and also buy the book even if we have the old version.

    So thanks, PW.


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    Default RE: Xbasic for Everyone-2nd edition

    I've ordered mine. Now I'm even more anxious.

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