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Thread: Problem: Database Field Lookup Garbled

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    Denny Johnson

    Default Problem: Database Field Lookup Garbled

    I had been using Alpha 4.03 build 230 on Windows 2000 ME on a Compaq Presario (930MH)
    without this problem... Now when doing a lookup for a particular database field (which is filled by
    the results of the lookup), only part of the linked database entries show up, the other entries being
    inaccessible via lookup. What happens is: alphabetically indexed book titles above or below a
    certain letter of the alphabet cannot be accessed, sometimes the page cannot be scrolled, or if it
    can, one of the entries displays on the screen over & over again. Yikes! I have checked the links,
    opened up the consulted database and checked that this itself is properly indexed. The trouble
    seems to be in the lookup feature. This started last month with 1 field in one database, but now has
    affected a different field in another database. Neither database was built upon the other. Can
    anyone offer a solution? Thanks - Denny

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    Terri Hernacki
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    Default RE: Problem: Database Field Lookup Garbled

    I think we had a similar problem -
    We were told to click on each specific table and click on define indexes and then hit rebuild

    It solved the problem!


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    Denny Johnson

    Default RE: Problem: Database Field Lookup Garbled

    Terri...Thanks for responding...tried it just now, but no change here - Denny

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