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Thread: TOTAL function

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    David Patterson

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    I have several formulas within reports that utilize the "TOTAL" FUNCTION. When I converted the files from Alpha Version 1 to Alpha Version 4.5 the formulas for this particular report did not convert over. Not a big deal, I typed them back in but now the formula with the TOTAL function apparently must be written a different way. An example in A5 Version 1: total(field1=.t.,grp->group1) In A5 Version 4, the "grp->" for some reason is being kicked back with an error. I don't know the syntax for the newer version. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    I report design mode, place the field in the area of the report desired. When you let up on the mouse key, the genie will open and ask whether you want the value, total, etc. Select total and the genie will determine the expression needed.

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    David Patterson

    Default RE: TOTAL function

    SOLVED !!!!

    In group properties there is a group header, the name of the group. No spaces or unusual characters like the # sign can be used. Instead of using a field name of FF_ID#, use only the FFID and all works fine, no problems calculated fields are converted.

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