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    James Peterson

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    We have an excellent accounting program written in A5V1 and would like to upgrade this program to A5V4.5. There are numerous scripts in the original program that do not work in A4V4.5.

    How would one go about updating this program? Is there any way to track down the scripts that error?

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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Sure there's a way to track down the scripts that cause errors - run each script one at a time! (Aren't I helpful!!)

    I've found the most common cause to be the use of DB_RESET(). Unfortunately, I used this a lot with A5v1 (had to) but it is forbidden in A5v2 and later. When you make the changes, you will find that it is not always a simple substitution but may require some slightly different logic since you will now be opening another instance of a table rather than resetting the 'main' table.

    The new method actually has a number of advantages but it's annoying and time consuming if you have a lot of scripts that need to be modified. My preference is generally to convert the whole script to v4 methods while I'm at it because:
    (a) I don't know what V1 features won't work in the next versions,
    (b) the new scripts are easier to read/troubleshoot,
    (c) there are often find better ways to do things in v4,
    (d) I think I sometimes had trouble with mixing old A5v1 methods with A5v4 in the same script(??),
    (e) This is a minor issue: I can re-save them in the database which is the default location in v4. (In v1 they are saved with the individual tables.), and
    (f) I often had more than one script with the same name in V1 because the scripts were saved with the tables/sets and it didn't matter if names were the same. In v4 it does matter. If you don't pay attention, you may run a script belonging to another table. (Assuming you named your scripts - which many people didn't. Of course, this brings up another issue... If you didn't name your scripts then you now have a bunch of really logical names like "{SCP083487457}" to deal with - fun, fun, fun!)

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    James Peterson

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    Cal, thanks so much for your reply. Looks like I have my work cut out for me. It would seem a shame to loose all the effort that was put into the original program.

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    Jeff Moses

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    James, One major scripting change I had to make was in OnFetch and New Record events. In 4.5 they changed the code so that an ENTER record causes an OnFetch operation to occur - because of this change, you may need to re-arrange some scripting as some events may fire out of turn. This ifno was supplied to my by Cian from A5.

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    Thanks for that little "tidbit". I haven't upgraded to v 4.5 yet, but since I use a number of OnFetch event scripts, I can see that the change will give me some interesting headaches. Quess it is time to rethink some actions.


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