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Thread: Tabbed forms

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    John Toalson

    Default Tabbed forms

    I’ve spent hours today trying to design a tabbed form, only to be forced to quit in frustration. As I add fields to underlying tabs, fields begin to show on other tabs, overlying the fields that are supposed to be there. It becomes a graphical mess. I’ve tried the “To front” and “To back” features, with no success. I’ve made sure “Always on top” is not selected for these fields. I’ve even deleted the form and started over, only to be met with the same problem. Keep in mind this does not relate to indexes or filters – the problem even shows in design mode.

    I’ve even shut down the computer for a while in case my graphics card is somehow retaining memory and causing the problem.

    I’ve searched the forum here, and it appears others have experienced similar problems. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    "Certified" Alphaholic forskare's Avatar
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    Ken Nordin
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    Default RE: Tabbed forms


    If you haven't done so already, do the following:

    1. Compact the database. This will erase all deleted data, etc. and rebuild all indexes.

    2. Check your indexes. What is the primary index? Is it the one you desire for that layout?

    3. I don't know of anyone who has had this problem since getting the latest version of A5. Get the latest version and patch of A5. It has upgrades that fixes index problems. The latest patch is build 266 I believe. Check the web site for downloads.

    Hope this solves your problem. If not, post another request.


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    VAR csda1's Avatar
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    Default RE: Tabbed forms


    Definitely update to the latest patch for your A5 version.

    Make sure a field is completely on the tab. If it is slightly off, it will be considered not on the tab. You can also try to make sure none come close to the edges of the tab (say .1")

    Try updating your video driver to the latest revision if you have not already done so.

    Finally, select all the objects on one tab and group them. Repeat with the other tabs. This has helped some with this problem.


    Ira J. Perlow
    Computer Systems Design & Associates

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    John Toalson

    Default RE: Tabbed forms

    Thanks Ken and Ira. The problem exists even while designing the form, before viewing with actual data, so it has nothing to do with indexes.

    I found that all fields and labels have to be ungrouped, or they’ll start to show through to other tabs after a while. I have a lot of fields on some tabs, as many as 40, so maybe that’s complicating the issue. But for now, as long as I keep all objects ungrouped, I haven’t experienced the problem again.

    I am using v4.5 build 266, so this version apparently still has some problems dealing with tabbed forms and grouped objects.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default RE: Tabbed forms

    I can't offer any help, but 40 is not a lot of fields for a tabbed object, depending on physical size, of course.

    Just opened one of the forms from my copy of the company database, one tab of a tabbed object on one form has 221 fields from a table plus 30 labels.

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    vasant panjabi

    Default RE: Tabbed forms

    i had this problem only when drawing thick lines or frames on the tab-

    made the lines thin (value 1) and the transparency was gone.


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    Frederic Thompson

    Default RE: Tabbed forms

    What do you mean by grouping the items on a tab??

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