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Thread: query.filter -- Where?

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    Default query.filter -- Where?

    Hi all,

    This will seem very elementary for most of you but, a query.filter cannot be used in the expression of a calulated field, right? I've checked both manuals as well as searched the board and it's my understanding that a query.filter works on a button or in the form, letter or report's filter expression.

    Thanks for the clarification.


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    Jeff Moses

    Default RE: query.filter -- Where?

    Ken, You can use calculated fields to some degree. Lets say you have three fileds in a table. field1, field2, and field3. They are all numeric. In field rules you make field three a calculated field with the expression:


    If field1= 2 and field2=3, filed three would equal the sum of 5. The field3 could be used in a form expression like:

    feild3 = 6
    Only records where field1+field2 = 6 would filter through.
    Of course you could assing any value.

    Another way to do it would be to put the calculation itself right in the expression.

    Filter example:

    This would accomplish the same thing without having the need for field3 at all. We use long calculations in filters and they work fine. I have never used calculated form fields in expressions and don't think you can, but I could always be mistaken!

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    Jeff Moses

    Default RE: query.filter -- Where?

    Nevermind! I should have read you question closer? Pay no attention, its getting late!

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    Default RE: query.filter -- Where?

    The syntax:


    is used as one of the lines when you are scripting a query, i.e.:

    a_tbl ="invoice")
    query.order = ""
    query.filter = "amt=10"
    query.options = "I"

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