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Thread: dll's, crashes, etc.

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    Default dll's, crashes, etc.

    A little history. I was running v3.0 in Win98 with no problems in my app. I installed v4.5 (upgrade for v3.0)from disk, and that's when the fun began. I started getting dll error messages. Then I bought a new computer with WinME as the OS. I reloaded both versions from disk and copied my files to those folders. Still got the dll error messages, only in WinME the reference is to the sh31w32 & mfc40 dll's, which are different than the dll's named in Win98. This problem (so far) only occurs in fields that contain simple lookups, and it happens when I add or change data from the lookup choice I've selected, particularly when adding a lot of characters (but still well below the defined length of 200). It doesn't matter if the fields are always required or not required, and the field rules are set to "allow any". I've tried removing indexes, removing field rules, compacting, and consulting a psychic, to no avail. I've also gotten an occasional a2engine...blah, blah, blah message, lockups, a5 crashes, and periodic crashes of the entire system.

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    Default RE: dll's, crashes, etc.


    I am trying to narrow this crash problem down to common denominators so that I present a dossier to Alpha Tech.

    1.What print driver was used for development.
    2. What print driver is being used now.
    3. Does the crash occur when opening a form after a print preview of a report, letter etc.


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    Default RE: dll's, crashes, etc.

    I had my reports from v3.0 configured for an HP682c. Don't recall specifics, but found I had to change all my reports to use default printer settings to get them to print. Good luck.

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