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Thread: Tabbed Forms

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    Default Tabbed Forms

    I have a tabbed form based on a table. The table has
    about 40 fields. The first tab has vehicle info for
    certain information about the vehicle, tab 2 has
    the regristration info, tab 3 has fuel info, and
    tab 4, 5 has other info. When I enter data on tab
    1 and get to the last field it won't go to tab 2
    I have to click on tab 2 to open it. How do you get
    to tab 2 otherwise. I know I can put all my fields on
    one form but the tab looks nice and I would like to
    try it out.


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    Nick Marodis

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    This will work place it on a hidden button on the onarrive event and palace in the object order so its the last object on that page. Do this for each page.
    On the last page palace code to go back to first page.

    set is page number


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    Default RE: Tabbed Forms

    Create a custom button. On the button's OnArrive event place the following code:

    You can paste button to each page, making sure that you change the number in the ( ), i.e., (3), (4), (5).

    Tab_set(2) should be the last field on page 1
    Tab_set(3) last field on page 2
    Tab_set(4) last field on page 3
    tab_set(5) last field on page 4

    Make sure you arrange the order of your tabs.

    Hope this helps.

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