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    Ales SKlepic

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    Have some problems/questions with A5V4.03 bulit 230 on Win 98:
    1. how does the the print preview work ? E.g. when I'm in a form, record number 10 and I press the print preview icon I get the record number one previewed. Why not the record no. 10 which I was currently viewing ? I thought that only in my forms I was doing something wrong. Therefore I checked out how the Sample Invoice (which comes with A5) works, but again the same situation. If I want to print preview e.g. inv. no 00005, I get 00001 on the screen.

    2. How does the layout size work ? When I define in the print setup A4 format, after print previewing there are always some additional empty pages inbetween (but my layout is not bigger as A4). When I check again the print setup there is "user defined size", I change again to A4, but always it gets back to "user defined". What am I missing ?


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    Bob Kenworthy
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    As for the print preview, place a button on the screen and it will give you the option of print preview. There it will ask which records you would like to see.

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    A couple of suggestions that might help:

    Printing a form is not going you results that are as good as creating a report to print. The report gives you much more control over the layout size, etc. Plus, you can more easily specify which records to print.

    As an example, I'll have a button on a form to print the current record. The script for the button reads a unique field value (such as CUSTOMER_ID) from that record, and then does a print preview. In the report, I define the filter to match the variable that the button script defined (VAR->CUSTOMER_ID). It works VERY fast, and has been reliable.

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