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Thread: expression builder

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    eric bellingham

    Default expression builder

    can anyone tell me where i can get help using the expression builder

    i need to come up with a previous invoice no + 1

    seems simple enough but alas

    thanks in advance

    eric bellingham

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    Default RE: expression builder

    Field Value = PREVIOUS( FieldnameString)
    Returns the Field Value of a field, referenced by its fieldname, from the
    previous record in the current primary index order. The FieldnameString must
    contain the name of a field either from the current table or from the primary
    table of a set.
    If you are working with a set, PREVIOUS returns field values only from the
    previous record in the primary table.

    You would be looking for:

    previous("invoice no")+1

    if I understand your field name, though you shoudn't have a two syllable field name. It should be invoice_no or something similar.

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