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Thread: Next conference???

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    Default Next conference???

    Sandy Garrett mentioned that a "next" conference is already being planned.

    Is there a "when" & "where" yet attached to this "next" conference???


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    Default RE: Next conference???

    I started a Conference Critique topic. However, I felt the A5 version 4 discussion group section is NOT the appropriate place to have such an exchange of ideas on an Alpha Conference. I believe this section should be reserved for technical support on A5, version 4.

    Therefore, I would appreciate it if all forum members would take a moment or two to visit the Announcements Section to read my critique. Please let me know what you think. Do you agree or disagree with my criticism?

    All of the comments were made in the spirit of a learning experience. It was a wonderful conference and everyone who attended was very pleased with the entire weekend. But every such event can benefit from some honest, constructive criticism.


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