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Thread: WTB template/ app for Real Estate Sales

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    Glen Beer

    Default WTB template/ app for Real Estate Sales

    I'm a commercial real estate broker and I've been using A4 v3 for dos for 10 years.
    It's time to remake my databases into A5. I have ver 4.
    Does anybody have a template or app. that they could sell me/ or give me.
    My uses are mainly to look up owner and property information
    and review sales history. Maybe do mailings, have some contact info and callbacks.
    I have various specific wish lists, but don't need a complete professional stand alone application.
    I have the databases and the structures, but I don't really want to start from scratch. The main database has over 40,000 records (downloaded from the tax assessor)
    Even something that I could start with and then customize would work.

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    Default RE: WTB template/ app for Real Estate Sales

    I might be able to help you with that, Glen. I just updated something for another real estate broker who moved from Alpha 4 to Alpha 5. They just had listings in that database. However, it could easily be broadened to include contact and callback or sales information. If you could furnish me with some samples from what you have now and either the databases or their stucture I could create something that meets your needs and possibly includes your "wish lists". This would be a great time to make improvements to your system which would make it more useful and valuable to you.

    If you're interested, send me an email letting me know just what you want and need and I could give you an estimate of how much I would charge to do this for you.


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