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Thread: Multiple Databases

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    Arthur Casse

    Default Multiple Databases

    I am preparing to set up multiple databases for a user. These databases are basically membership databases with name, address, city, state, zip, etc. One function the user wants is to be able to make an address change to a member no matter which membership database they are in. They want the address change to be made in all databases the member is listed in at one time.

    My question is wether to make one database out of all these memberships or is it possible to keep the databases seperate (since they will have different reports and entry screens) and still have the ability to find the member in each database and make the necessary address change.

    Ideas, suggestions and/or examples are appreciated. Thank you.

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    Default RE: Multiple Databases

    This sounds like a case for sets. You could have a centralized address table and the separate membership tables. The "person" should have a member id code in each membership table they belong to and a personal identifier code. You would then have a set for each group that the person could be a member of, linking the group information to the address information by the personal code.

    Seems like a place to start, anyway.

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    Default RE: Multiple Databases

    If you have A5V4 Take a look at the excellent sample called "Mailing List" in the samples sub directory. It uses a central 'people info' table and builds sets from that information.


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