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    Dan Job

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    I password protected my reports, and have forgotten my password. Now that I have a new printer I need to change my printer settings. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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    Elliott Lester

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    For the future ( I know this will not help you now, sorry)
    create your own database with the pass words. You can
    save it on disc, save it on another hard drive. Print
    it off and keep it in your Programmers log book. Unless
    you are working for M5, there is normally no reason to
    secret a password away--normally they are utilized to prevent users from messing around with your codes. If you
    do not like to keep passwords like this, design a formula for your passwords, so they can be decoded on a few attempts. If you in your third life you are James Bond, then you must rely upon your memory. Please print this
    off, tear it up and swallow it--to prevent anyone from
    getting to my secrets...

    Good luck

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    Michael Pesach
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    Apr 2000

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    You can copy the report and paste using the right click menu and save it as another name the new report will not be passworded.

    Good Luck

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