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Thread: Printing problem

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    Default Printing problem

    I wonder if anyone has seen this and solved it. While my customer is using A5v1.2, I think it's not necessarily an Alpha problem:

    He's had two PCs churning out reports for a few years just fine with A5. He replaced one PC with a new one, and now there are lines and pieces that simply don't print on several of the reports.

    For instance:

    On one report (really a letter but designed as a report) the first half of the first sentence doesn't print.

    On another report, two complete lines of text don't print.

    This is repeatable -- the same parts of the same reports don't print. But, it only happens from the new PC. When he prints from the other PC on the network everything's fine.

    He's reinstalled the printer driver 4 times now and is pretty good at troubleshooting.

    Any ideas?


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    Default RE: Printing problem


    Check the installed fonts versus the ones selected for the report. Also compare the machines for the fonts used by the report and see if they are identical (same date/time/size/byte-for-byte). If different, that could be your problem.

    Finally, make sure you are using the same printer driver (and make sure you are using the same Windows Default Printer). If using different Operating Systems, that could explain it as well.

    And if that doesn't solve it, maybe you could try to make it to the Alpha Five Developer's Conference and ask....Oh wait, you're a speaker and are coming! This shows several things;

    1) The speakers (all of us, not just you) don't know everything!
    2) We can all learn from each other, and
    3) I'll use any cheap trick to plug the conference! {:?)

    Hope this helps and see you in December!



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    Default RE: Printing problem

    Sounds like the very same problem I still have on my A/P Checks
    My move was from a win 95 machine to a win 98 machine if that matters.

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