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Thread: changing table path

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    Candy Perry

    Default changing table path

    I have a very basic question, but one I can't quickly figure out. I recently purchased a new computer and so copied all of my files from the old to new. On the old computer, many of the tables in one database were under a F: drive directory. Now when I bring up this database on my new computer, all of tables are "not found" as they are still listed under the F: drive of the old computer. How can I quickly change the path for all of the tables?

    Thanks for any help

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    Default RE: changing table path


    There are several message threads on this board dealing with moving databases from one computer to another.

    I think your quickest fix is going to be to go back to the original machine, copy all necessary files to one directory (a highly recommended practice), drop the f: drive files from your database, add the same files to your database from their new locations, then copy this directory to the new machine.

    Then pray you don't have any absolute path references in any of your scripts.

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