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Thread: Error: Invalid Summary Field type

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    Mike Becker

    Default Error: Invalid Summary Field type

    In the following example the field titled "TEST" is a calculated field.

    total(Case(Evaluator_Id = "(PG) 1",TEST))

    It appears that when creating a report, A5 can use the "Total" function on a calculated field if the field is calculated in the table using field rules. However, if the field to be totaled is a calculated field in the report, the report won't run because of an "Invalid Summary Field type" error message.

    In the report I want to create, there will be 96 separate calculations needed. I would prefer not to calculate each field at the table level in order to keep data entry running smoothly.

    Does anyone have suggestions on a work around for this problem. If not, Is it a bad idea to have 96 calculated fields in a table? (as far as maintenance and stability?)

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    Default RE: Error: Invalid Summary Field type

    Mike, does Evaluator_Id have a single value for the entire report, or does it change from record to record? I'm not sure what you're after, but I don't think this is the way to get a total of TEST for all records where Evaluator_Id contains "(PG 1)". In other words, there may be something else going on which is triggering the error message you see.

    -- tom

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    Default RE: Error: Invalid Summary Field type


    I have to agree with Tom. I don't think that the total function in a report supports the syntax you have posted.

    total(n subexpr[,g over[,g each])

    I believe this is intended to do totals for groups of records. Therefore you must have a group defined. You are probably getting the error because your expression does not match the valid format for the function.

    You may be able to get the desired results by defining a calculated field for the report, say "pg1tot", defined like your example --- if(Evaluator_Id = "(PG) 1",TEST,0)
    then drag this calculated field into the report footer and let Alpha generate a total. Should look like "total(pg1tot,GRP->GRAND).
    Then that total field can be placed anywhere you would like to see it in the report.

    Good luck.


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