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Thread: looking for an A5V4 designer

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    Stephen Wilde

    Default looking for an A5V4 designer

    We are a small company that certifies Emergency Vehicle Technicians (Mechanics that repair fire trucks)and we are currently using Alpha4V6. We would like to convert to A5 so our exam grading software can merge score data to our database. I have learned how to make A4V6 do what we needed to get done, but I do not have the time to learn how to redo all of our forms, scripts, reports, and letters in A5.
    I have visited this message board for years learning how to solve problems and perform specified tasks. It seems to me that a lot of people here are designers with clients.

    We would like to get a quote to have a designer set up A5 for us.
    Please e-mail us directly if you are interested in giving us a price to develop our application.
    Thank You
    Stephen Wilde

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    Geoffrey Hollander

    Default RE: looking for an A5V4 designer


    If you want to find a "hired gun" to help you through this transition, why not look on the Alpha Consultants' page.

    These are people who use their considerable experience to help folks such as yourself. Many have Web pages where you can find out more about them, contact them and get estimates on what completing your project will cost.

    Be aware, however, that changing from Alpha Four to Alpha Five means that all your forms, scripts, reports, macros, etc. will have to be recreated since they are not transferrable between versions; so the cost may be more than you expect, no matter who you contact...

    Hope that this is of some help.


    Geoff Hollander

    PS: Many of those who are looking for help think that the the consultant with which they work must be physically situated near by; but that's not really true in this day of email, fax, phone and the Internet. Choose the best consultant for your project -- not the one who is most "conveniently" located.


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    Jack Wheeler
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    Default RE: looking for an A5V4 designer

    Hi Stephen, I would be very interested. Let me know the modules you require and I will give you an accurate quote. Jack Wheeler

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