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Thread: Displaying Report Filters

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    Jose de Leon

    Default Displaying Report Filters

    How can I display the custom filter a user entered on the generated report?

    I need to display these filters so that users can identify what report they are dealing with. The specify their own custom filters.


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    Bob Kenworthy
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    Apr 2000

    Default RE: Displaying Report Filters

    You could use variables as filters and display the variables on the report.

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    Jose de Leon

    Default RE: Displaying Report Filters

    Variables as filters? Are you saying I should ask for the filters explicitly and then print it on the report header for example?

    Currently, I have used the "wizard" to create a report design. Then I went to the menu and selected REPORT, then DETAIL PROPERTIES. From this window, I went to the Records Tab and specified at bottom, "prompt for criteria".

    In this way, my script really has no interaction with the user and so I can't record the filter they specified.

    I remember that Alpha Four had a system variable available in the report editor that would display the FILTER criteria and even then INDEX used.


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    Bob Kenworthy
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    Apr 2000

    Default RE: Displaying Report Filters

    When the user types in the value for the filter that value could be set to a variable that can be used in the report. Let's say the baseball team that is filtered in a Roster report is the Red Sox. Let's say the Red Sox are a field value on a form and that the report is run from a button on the form. Lets say the variable that was set as global is called TEAM. The button on the screen would have a script something like this that would take the value of a field ourteam and make it the value of the variable TEAM.
    dim value as c
    TEAM = tbl.ourteam

    Then in the filter in the report place this expr: var->TEAM
    Also in the report header place the variable TEAM from the drag and drop list.
    There are other ways but this is one I can think of. If you are not working off a field you could use a dialog to prompt the user.
    Hope this helps

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