Of all the possible number format styles provided for a field's display properties, I didn't think any situation was left uncovered. Well, I found I need one that isn't included: 123,456.78(blank if blank, zero if zero). In other words, if the user enters a value in a number field, even a zero, the value is shown. If the field is left blank, nothing shows. The "None" selection seems to do this, except you also do not get the thousands separator, which is useful in viewing large numbers, especially if there is a lot of them.

I have a form and a resulting report that contains 50 numeric fields. The user can fill in all fields or just some of the fields. Numbers can range between 0-999,999. In the situation I'm dealing with, being able to distinguish whether a zero was entered or a field was left blank makes a big difference.

Perhaps something like this could be added to A5's number format styles for forms and reports in the future.