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Thread: How to duplicate selected records in a Set?

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    Tim Fitz-Randolph

    Default How to duplicate selected records in a Set?

    Might someone help me with this? Or where to look? How can I duplicate records in a Set simply? I am a Home Builder and use A5 to track materials for each house we build. When I begin a new house that is the same as another house in my database, I would like to duplicate that particular set of a couple dozen Material Schedules, but assigning it a new house Project_id.
    The Set is: Schedule----Schedule_items.

    As an example: I create two Copy Operations to copy first Schedule and then Schedule_items Where Project_id ="Monet". Then manually change Project_id to "Matisse". Then I must execute two Append Operations(parent and child)back to the Schedule Set. A5 is great and has proven incredibly powerful for me, but I am early in the learning curve. Any suggestions?

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    Default RE: How to duplicate selected records in a Set?

    It would help if you attached a copy of your set with only a few records but....

    It seems as if you could merely duplicate your set...highlight set name, right click, duplicate. Then use an update operation to change all the references from one client to the other. (Assign constant value).

    I assume you have some dates in the "schedule" set that need to be reset to "blank". These could be handled by the same update operation.

    If you need more details you'll have to provide more details.

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    Default RE: How to duplicate selected records in a Set?

    There is a good article on Dr. Wayne's website,, dated 6-11-98, Duplicate a Set's Entries that would probably help you.

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