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Thread: Need help with a print button script.

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    George BVI

    Default Need help with a print button script.

    I have a from that has a button to print the current record. I would like to place a conditional object that would display a red box if not printed and green box if the record was printed.

    I have tried using a logical field to flag if printed or not. In the print buttons script after the print routine I put in these two lines
    twostbtn9.value=.T. 'so that the print flag field is set to .T.

    This works if for the twostbtn9 button, the button is display as been pressed, but the conditional object is not change to green unless I press the button off and back on again. I have set the conditional so that if print flag field = .F. or .T..

    Also, I don't really need the twostbtn9, I just don't know have else to get this to work.

    Any ideas? Thanks

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    Default RE: Need help with a print button script.


    I agree that you can probably forget the button. In form design declare a shared variable of type logical.

    Instead of setting the button's value to true with your code
    set the value of the variable

    Remember that your script must also declare the variable as shared.

    Finally, using the same syntax as you employed on the button refresh the conditional object so it responds to the change in the variable's value.

    Even with your current code, pressing F5 to refresh the form will probably change the conditional object to correctly reflect the variable.


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