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    Frank G Pylant
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    Default Linux

    Can Alpha run on a Linux OS ?

    Frank Pylant

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    I believe Alpha Five is a 32 bit application requiring Windows 9x or NT.

    I haven't heard that Alpha Software has released a version for Linux.

    Will you be running native Linux apps, or emulating Windows somehow?

    -- tom

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    Jim Rowlen

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    Based on what I've read on the "boxes," LINUX has the ability to run Win98 on top of it. SuSE 6.4 (the one I bought but haven't installed yet) has a piece of paper (ad) included that sells a package to let you run Win98 on top of SuSE (most popular version in Europe). SuSE 6.4 can be bought at Best Buy for $30, or at for $50 (go figure). It's supposed to be the easiest to install and seems to have a number of nice features and included software (including full web server capability).

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    Jamin Dunivan

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    You may also want to check out the Wine project at . They are working on letting Linux run windows apps without having to have Windows on your computer.

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