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Thread: Conditional Counts

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    Jim VanGelder

    Default Conditional Counts

    There must be a simple way to count occurances of various values within a single field for a report but I can't figure it out.
    The field is "status" --- Values are "TD", "WD", "AC", etc.
    I need to determine how many records are in each "status" to be printed in the report footer.

    Also, where can I find syntax definition/examples for the various "functions" ???

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    Moderator Steve Workings's Avatar
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    Default RE: Conditional Counts

    For each value you want to count, make a calculated field in your report design, like this:

    IF(STATUS = "TD", 1, 0)

    Then, use the drag-drop list to drag that calc field onto your report. When the genie pops up, select the "TOTAL" function.

    - Steve

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    nick marodis

    Default RE: Conditional Counts

    You can also create a group based on the status field and group records
    together with the same value and then count the number in the group.

    Just a suggestion.

    Have Fun

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