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Thread: can't change field rules

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    Becky McNichols

    Default can't change field rules

    I need to make a simple change in a set's field rules, but every time I open the field rules, I get the message:
    "The database/set is being used by another user or in another session and could not be opened in exclusive mode. Field rules can be viewed but no changes can be saved"
    I'm using a stand-alone PC (no network). I get this message even when I first start up my computer and choose the set first thing. (A form is opened on entry, but it is attached to another table.) The set is not listed under the "Windows" screen. I tried deleting my app's *.muf file - no difference.

    What's going on? Thanks in advance.

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    "Certified" Alphaholic Stan Mathews's Avatar
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    Default RE: can't change field rules

    Can only suggest that you try compacting. Something is corrupted somewhere.

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    Jake Vuckovic

    Default RE: can't change field rules

    You might get some clue of what's happening if you look into xbasic explorer immediately after you open the application (since you say it happens even first time you open it).
    You'll be able to see all open sessions and windows and you'll see if the table in question is being used.

    From View menu, choose "Code editor", then if you don't see xbasic explorer, choose "Xbasic explorer" from View menu again.

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    Default RE: can't change field rules


    You write that,

    "A form is opened on entry, but it is attached to another table."

    Do you have an autoexec script which runs on load and opens another session? Is it possible that the other table is part of your set? I assume you've verified this but otherwise you have a mystery.

    Jake's method will find any open session but you still need to figure out what's opening it.


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    Becky McNichols

    Default RE: can't change field rules

    Yes- soon after posting this I realized that although the table that the opening form was attached to was not the table I was trying to modify, I WAS part of the set. The problem was easily solved by closing that table first.
    Thanks for your replies - really appreciate the advise.

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