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Thread: "Unable to add key to tag" and "hea

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    Noble Bell

    Default "Unable to add key to tag" and "hea

    I was reading the message thread that Graham had posted and I am most unhappy to report that I am getting similar errors.

    When a user is trying to save a form is when I get my error of "Unable to add key to tag" message.

    I am running on a Novell network and there are about 6 users. I have the master copy of a5v4 build 230 and everyone else is using the runtime build 230.

    I need help. Our business cannot operate with this error.


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    Elliott Lester

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    I'm sorry to inform you that they cannot be fixed
    in 230. They appear fixed in A5v5 beta's, but you
    cannot run production off of a beta especially in light of the fact that they expire after 30 days.

    There are some things that we did to minimize them, and I will search my logs for a response I posted that suggested
    them--almost 3-4 months ago. I will e-mail you it tomorrow.

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    Jim Rowlen

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    This (in our case) has always indicated an error with one or more index(es). Most of the times we've received this error it was after a crash of one type or other. Usually rebuilding the indexes fixes it. When that didn't do it, running database compact almost always does. It's not always the index definition, but one or more combinations of data that causes a particular index to mess up. When we've tried these approaches and it didn't fix the problem, the "bad" index was usually removed from the definitions, so make sure you have a copy in another directory to play wih.

    Check are your index definitions. You may have one that looks ok but really isn't. You might try (in a spare copy) removing all the indexes except one and start checking them with rebuild one at a time (ie: after the first builds and you can play around with a new/existing record add the next index). Sometimes switching the order of clauses in a filter can fix it (unfortunately, with 1.5 million records, queries have been too slow for us - if our users don't have instantaneous access to a record, without having to build a new query, it costs us too much time to be a viable product; as far as I know all databases have this speed problem).

    Another thing that can lead to this is scrambled data from a crash. In almost all of our cases where this was the situation one or more memo fields became corrupted (major pain to fix - lots of threads to search to resolve this one).

    I'm not sure, but I've heard that some databases have problems with web servers if they have a null field. Is it possible that a null can adversely affect an index? I haven't noticed this in v4 or v5 beta, but nobody's data can hit all possible combinations that might cause problems.

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