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Thread: Stubborn Field name

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    Joseph Mann

    Default Stubborn Field name

    I duplicated an existing table structure, and edited some of the field
    names. All but one field name took the edit. When I would save the table
    it would revert back to the old field name. I tried to add a new field,
    which took, but when I went back to delete the old field the new field
    reverted to the old field name as it moved up to take it's place in order.
    what gives. Never encountered this before.

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    Volunteer Moderator Steve Workings's Avatar
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    Default RE: Stubborn Field name

    Maybe try running a database compact before and after the renaming attempt.

    - Steve

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    Default RE: Stubborn Field name

    Joseph, I ran into this problem as well. I actually had 6 fields that would not take a rename or would not remain deleted. I created a new table from scratch after trying everything. Never happend since.

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