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Thread: Multistate Buttons - Variable Declaration

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    Clifford Rathkopf Jr.

    Default Multistate Buttons - Variable Declaration

    Non programmer; trying to learn ins and outs of A5 in spare time.

    Topic: Multistate Buttons, A to Z for name selection, in "Customer Base" form, "Invoice" db that ships with Alpha 5.

    Problem: I cannot duplicate code (the X basic script attached to the "Action" on the multistate buttons) to make this concept work in a form in a db I have created. I am quite sure that the problem lays in not declaring a variable. In the Customer Base form of "Invoice", I see reference to a "Customer Report" variable, and also in the properties fields of the individual buttons, I see reference to a "LTR" variable.

    Question: where are these variables reported/located? I understand the logic of the variables, but I would like to see precisely how the variables are created and stated, so I can follow the logic of the buttons' working.

    Many thanks for any clues. Cliff Rathkopf

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    "Certified" Alphaholic Stan Mathews's Avatar
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    Default RE: Multistate Buttons - Variable Declaration

    Your use for the variable determines the place to declare/create the variable.
    Variables can be created on forms, browses, reports, etc, or be defined for tables and sets, and be available: (as I understand them)

    global-from then on, in all other layouts, etc
    session - for the duration of the current session
    layout - only available to the current form, etc
    local - only available in the current calculation.

    I'm sure someone else can explain it better.

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    Jim Rowlen

    Default RE: Multistate Buttons - Variable Declaration

    You can declare these in the form designer. With the form in design mode, click on "Form" on the nem bar. Select Variables. (Calculated fields are also definined right aobve that). You can also do this in browses and reports. If using the same variables as on another form, you can highlight all the variables by clicking on the row selsctor on the left side of these, click and move the moused down so all desired are highlighted, and then click on "Copy". On the form you want to copy the variables to, open the variable definiation box, click on the first open box, then click on "Paste"

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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Default RE: Multistate Buttons - Variable Declaration

    Open the CustomerBase form in design mode.

    Choose Form off the top menu, then variables off the dropdown list.

    You'll see that this is where the variable referenced in the properties of the multistate button is declared.

    -- tom

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