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Thread: A5 has sprung a leak

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    Mike Becker

    Default A5 has sprung a leak

    There are 10 files related to alpha 5 that keep appearing on my desktop. 5 files are titled A_Case.* and 5 are titled A_Gloss.*. If I delete them and reboot the computer they are no longer on the desktop. However, as soon as I open A5 they reappeaar on the desktop.

    In View/Settings/Directories in A5 both of the paths are set to Default.

    Any ideas on what's happening.


    Mike Becker

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    Alpha Software Employee Selwyn Rabins's Avatar
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    Default RE: A5 has sprung a leak

    set the path in view/settings to the a5 program folder.

    this is happening because you are starting a5 from a shortcut. the shortcut does not specify the "start in" folder. so it becomes the windows desktop. which is why a5 creates these system files here, since it did not find them.

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    Mike Becker

    Default RE: A5 has sprung a leak

    Thanks a lot for the information Selwyn. I'm off to fix it right Now.

    Mike Becker

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