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Thread: difficulty printing multiple reports

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    Bill Maguire

    Default difficulty printing multiple reports


    I have to start off by saying on am newer to developing databases but I am slowly making progress.

    I have a database that stores information for a school program. I can print a one page report that gives the student information for one student including the "grade" which is a field value. I do this by allowing the user to select a particular record from a browse window located on the print form and then they push the print button which calls the report. The Print Layout is setup to only print the current record chosen which is fine. Its working.

    My dilemma is now I am trying to print the same report per student for all the students in a particular 'grade'. 'Grade'again is a field value. In the print form in this case, I am using a list box of grades rather than a browse window in which the user can select the "grade". I use the variable "Which_Grade" in the list box to point to the field value of "grade". The user pushes the print button and the Print layout is setup to print only records where the value in the field 'grade' matches the value in the control listbox1. the records are ordered by last name.
    The problem is that I can only get it print ONE report and not multiple reports. The single report that it does print is correct in that it matches the grade that was selected but it is not printing the other 11 reports - one for each of the students in that grade
    any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Default RE: difficulty printing multiple reports

    I don't think you want multiple reports, you want one report that shows all grades - one grade per page. Take a look at the documentation on grouping on reports and the options for groups - start each group on a new page.

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