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    Cheryl Truman

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    I spoke with Gedi (not quite sure of the spelling) in Tech Support on July 29, 2005, regarding a situation I am incurring regarding an Activation Key for a second computer for Alpha5. After hearing the situation, he said he deleted one of the activation key we currently had. I sent the request for an activation key. I have yet to hear from Alpha regarding a new activation key for our second computer. I am unable to reach your representatives via the phone - I get messages. I don't know if you are receiving the messages because it sounds as if you might be having line trouble as you message cuts out. PLEASE HELP. 412-391-7095. Order #17447 License #9437912073590185.
    Thank you,
    Cheryl Truman
    Office Manager
    Contemporary Management Services, Inc.

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    You definitely didn't talk to Gedi on July 29th, 2005. Gedi has not worked here since December, 2004. Please send an email (or call - 800-451-1018) Adi ( and he will work with you to get a new activation key.

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    Cheryl Truman

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    Thank you. He has contacted me. We are working on the situation.

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