Data-2-the-Web for MySQL Speeds Web Database Creation and
Significantly Reduces IT Development Costs

New tool based on award winning Alpha Five technology empowers users to build and deploy robust databases and database applications rapidly without having to program

BURLINGTON, Mass., June 1 2005—Building and deploying browser-based database applications became easier today with the release of Alpha Software’s Data-2-the-Web for MySQL . The new software allows MySQL developers to create web-enabled databases in less than ten percent of the time currently required to painstakingly program in languages like PHP, ASP, Perl and JavaScript.
Data-2-the-Web has been “MySQL Network Certified” – assuring users that the new product has gone through compatibility testing to make sure it works seamlessly with the popular MySQL open source database server and tools.
Nonprogrammers who have never had the ability to connect web sites to databases or create web-based applications such as: order entry, contact management, registration systems, lead tracking, catalogs, appointment scheduling, status reporting and e-commerce applications can now create sophisticated web databases that rival those produced by professionals.
“With Data-2-the-Web for MySQL, nonprogrammers can build powerful web applications connected to MySQL databases,” said Bertrand Matthelié, director of Alliances for MySQL AB. “We are impressed by the significant productivity gains that even experienced programmers can achieve through the use of Data-2-the-Web. In combination with MySQL Network, this new product from Alpha can help reduce the time, cost and complexity of building Web database applications.”
A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that 81 percent of small businesses polled plan to increase their technology spending an average of 20 percent in the next two to three years--68 percent saying they would do so over the coming year.
“Data-2-the-Web is perfect for companies like this that need to automate processes online in order to compete in today’s marketplace,” says Richard Rabins, Alpha Software co-chairman. “Because of its ease-of-use and cost savings, Data-2-the-Web provides MySQL users and prospective users with a way to maximize their IT spending.”
Data-2-the-Web’s “point & click” Web Component Builder makes it possible for anyone to quickly create a web database, while professional database and web consultants can develop web databases faster and at a lower cost for their clients.
“Data-2-the-Web for MySQL is the only solution that lets nonprogrammers build powerful Web/Browser database applications, and it’s the fastest way for developers to build these kinds of applications,” says Rabins. “Typically, users need to get information yesterday, rather than weeks or months from now. With Data-2-the-Web for MySQL, users can put databases on the Web in minutes or hours vs days or weeks, allowing businesses to quickly increase sales and make intelligent business decisions.”
Dave McCormick, President of Massachusetts-based web hosting company A5-online, had this to say: "When I first saw Data-2-the-Web, I knew we had to expand our hosting offering to support this product. Now, we will be able to let a wide range of users build practical, database-driven web sites quickly, which is exciting, because most of our customers don't like to write code. That's why they use Alpha Five. Now, they can take advantage of the power of MySQL. And I definitely see developers from the traditional MySQL community, who predominantly have programming skills, using A5 to develop applications. They get the same flexibility as with hand-coded PHP, but they save weeks of coding time and debugging."
In March, PC Magazine awarded Alpha Five its coveted Editors Choice Award. PC User Magazine selected Alpha Five version 6 as the winner in their annual Best Database Software category, beating out both FileMaker 7 and the current version of MS Access. Last December, in a PC Today Magazine shootout against MS Access, Alpha Five received the highest score and was cited for its ability to create web solutions along with ease of use and the ability to build applications in about a quarter of the time as compared to MS Access.
Data-2-the-Web for MySQL has two components. The Data-2-the-Web for MySQL Builder, for designing and testing applications locally is free. The Data-2-the-Web for MySQL Server is priced at $699 but is available at an introductory price of $199 for an unlimited number of users per server. For more information, please visit and

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