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Thread: Check Numbers

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    Lynda Huddleston

    Default Check Numbers

    If I have a Cash Disbursements module and a A/P Module that pulls check numbers. How is the best way to make the system calculate the next check number for the user.

    I can see how to do it with the CD module because it is one at a time. So I can go to lookupc(lastcheck) and add one. Then post the new checknumber to replace lastcheck.

    But when they mark the checks in A/P due for payment (let's say 50 of them). I then have it appending to a temporary Payables set. It copies all invoices to a ap_invtemp table, and then I Summarize the items to a ap_chktemp table. This then creates 50 check headers and shows the misc items that are being paid by each. They can then add more checks, add more items to the checks, etc.

    How can I then seed the checknumber for the 50 checks being paid? I can have a lastcheck table that gets updated as numbers are used from the CD system, but don't know how to get lastcheck number, seed in the 50 and then autoincrement the remaining 49 and then update lastcheck with the last check in that batch? I could be going about it all wrong, WOULD LOVE ANY SUGGESTIONS.

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    Steve Dentler

    Default RE: Check Numbers

    You might want think about tracking the check number by bank code (since there may be multiple banks accounts each using a different sequence of check numbers). If you are not going to track all checks issued by bank code, then at least store the next check number in the bank code file. When you cut checks, open this table, read the next check number and pre-process your check header file adding check numbers to each check header. Store the last check number in a variable until the update process has completed and then write a new “next check number” out to the bank code file (in case the user cancels out and clears the check selected file). The bank code file should be opened exclusively, thus locking it, and it should remain open until the update process completes or the user cancels and clears the checks selected.

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