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Thread: NetMailer Problem

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    mark buonagurio

    Default NetMailer Problem

    Every time I run a mail job I get a message indicating the job did not finish, and to run the job again to complete. However, if I run the job again, I get the same message. Seems to be stuck in some kind of loop. Can anyone help? I am using a default email client of Outlook 2003 and Small Business Server 2003.

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    Default RE: NetMailer Problem

    Have you configured your email settings in View-"settings-"Email? Are you able to send an email by using the email_send() function from the interactive window?

    email_send("", "test", "test message")

    Have you created a Netmailer log file and examined it?

    Netmailer does not use the default email client, so you definitely aren't using Outlook to send Netmailer jobs.

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