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Thread: Page Numbering In Reports

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    Kevin Gilroy
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    Dec 2001

    Default Page Numbering In Reports

    In any of our reports which had MORE than
    ONE column, we have never been able to
    use the System-"PageNumber variable since
    this appears to count the columns as page
    Thus a report with 3 columns is page numbered,
    0, 3, 6, 9 etc.

    (The System-"PageNumber is placed in a a
    Pagefooter region on the report.)

    We use workarounds with calculated fields - thus
    System-"PageNumber / 3
    for a 3 column report.

    I'm sure we are missing something. Have searched the
    Ver5 postings and there are hints of the same problem but
    no answers.

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    "Certified" Alphaholic Tom Henkel's Avatar
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    Tom Henkel
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    Default RE: Page Numbering In Reports

    That is a problem I reported to Alpha quite a while ago. As yet, I have heard of no fix.


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