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Thread: Error Locking Problem

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    Default Error Locking Problem

    We are experiencing a problem with "error Locking". When my employees copy a record to the clipboard and then try and paste it to e new record, within the same table, we get an "Error Locking" error. Before they paste the new record, they have even tried locking the original record, then moving to another record, unlocking it and then pasting the record copied onto the clipboard into a new record. I thought perhaps the original record they copied might have to be locked. Upon cancelling the error message, it states there was a problem with a field rule violation and to "fix the problem" and continue. My people have been copying records to the clipboard up until now and have had no problems. I even tried copying the database to a new folder, removing all field rules and then trying to copy and paste with the same results. This just started and we have not been able to determine why this has started to occur. Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar to this and what your solution may have been, if any. Thanks for any insight or input....


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    Default Re: Error Locking Problem

    Please disregard. I found the problem. My people were attempting to paste to a new record they created as opposed to using the "Paste to a new record" command in the Edit Menu. Problem solved. Thanks to all.

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    Default Re: Error Locking Problem

    Thanks for sharing.
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