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Thread: Is there a virus on my disk?

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    Nancy Zastawnik

    Default Is there a virus on my disk?

    I have had multiple system meltdowns and am just searching any and all possibilities...
    I noticed some time ago that on my system the icon for the alpha5.exe is a red bug of some kind.
    Is that normal? Or was it flagged as infected at some time and has carried some old virus into new systems?

    Anyone else have a red bug as the alpha 5 icon?

    I am anxiously awaiting answer.

    Thanks , Nan

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    Default RE: Is there a virus on my disk?


    The red "bug" is the icon for the Alpha debugger program. When it appears, that usually menas some process has an error and the debugger has activated. This could be as simple as a slight syntax error in a script. Since you indicate you have had many problems, it could be caused by almost anything, which I know isn't much help. Do you get it immediately when you start A5? Or does it only show after a database is opened or some action has occured?


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    Default RE: Is there a virus on my disk?

    It's also possible that somebody changed the icon. If the red bug is showing up on your desktop icon when you start Windows, right click on the icon, select properties, and find the Change Icon button. When you click the button you should see all of A5's available icons. The only really appropriate icon is the very first one.

    Cal Locklin

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    Nancy Zastawnik

    Default RE: Is there a virus on my disk?

    Thanks guys.
    I am awaiting a new hard drive, and I just needed to eliminate Alpha5 as suspect before reloading my software.

    It may be as simple as using the Western Digital 120GB harddrive, which according to the BBS's has about a 9 mo. life before meltdown, which is what I had with them now twice.

    Going now to two 60GB drives instead, thanks again for the help. I am very dependent on my Alpha and since the databases don't seem to be able to be used with any other program, I must have it or lose 18 years of records.


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