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Thread: Simultaneous calculation

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    Winston Punla
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    Jun 2004

    Default Simultaneous calculation

    When I input data (for example QUANTITY in an invoice form) MOST of the calculated fields are automtically filled out. SOME of them do not calculate UNLESS I push the save button.

    What am I missing to make these fields compute data simultaneously when I input the data?

    Thanks again in advance!

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    Charlie Crimmel
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    Default RE: Simultaneous calculation

    When you enter the quantity, put a script on the "on depart" event to save the record.

    Charlie Crimmel

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    Russ Boehle
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    Mar 2000

    Default RE: Simultaneous calculation

    Charlies method will work fine if there are no other fields to fill in. The commit will save the record. You will then need to put it back into change mode to enter anything else unless the form is modeless. Another way is to put a refresh on the ondepart of the field you last fill in. This will keep you in enter mode if you still have to enter more data but will refresh the screen and the calc fields.


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