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Thread: Formating object text in a report

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    Gerry Duggan

    Default Formating object text in a report

    I was recently asked to consolidate several tables
    prepared by others in one database. I imported the tables
    with no problem however one particular table had all the
    data in one of the text fields (i.e. Field - Name of City)
    in upper case. I would like to design a report including
    this field but I would like to convert the text case in
    the Name of City field to upper case for the first letter
    in each word and lower for the rest. I tried putting in a
    mask in the format section of the object properties with
    no success.

    Would appreciate any suggestions.



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    Default RE: Formating object text in a report

    Try creating an operation to do this. Run an Update Records operation and that should do it. Of course, before mucking with your data, have a good solid backup.

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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Default RE: Formating object text in a report

    The update expression should look something like this:

    Field to Update - City

    Expression - w_upper( lower ( City ) )

    This expression first changes the City text to lower case then converts the lower case to "first letter of each word upper case".

    And, by the way, I put a script on the Learn Alpha site with updates in the Code Archive some time ago which I call Check_Caps. (It's under the title "Improved Capitalization Checker" - just search for capitalization in the code archive.) It is used for entering mixed case text without requiring the user to press the Shift key. If the user types all lower case, the routine will change most words to "first upper" and also check for words that might normally have two letters upper case such as McDougall. If the user types mcdougall, the routine asks whether to use Mcdougall or McDougall. (If it didn't ask, you would end up with MacHine instead of Machine.)

    Note that I said "most" words - words like and, or, the, a, in, etc. are only capitalized at the beginning of the field.

    Also, any letters entered in upper case will be left as upper case. Therefore, the user could type "the aBC tool and die company" to get "The ABC Tool and Die Company". (Although, at least in my own version, I added "ABC" as a 'word' that should always be capitalized. Therefore, the user wouldn't even have to capitalize the BC.)

    I recently updated my own version to add the ability to create other unusual capitalizations when necessary. This would be for things like DelWood which the routine would normally look at as a "De" word and prompt for "DeLwood or Delwood" - neither of which is correct. This can be accomplished in the published version by typing delWood so it will prompt for DeLWood or DelWood - the problem is that this will usually mean re-entering the whole field because the user probably won't think of this until after it's typed.

    Cal Locklin

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    Gerry Duggan

    Default RE: Formating object text in a report

    Thanks Ed - Operation worked.


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    Gerry Duggan

    Default RE: Formating object text in a report

    Thaks Cal - Really appreciated.


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