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Thread: Owner Draw

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    Default Owner Draw

    Spent a good part of the day going thru the CHM and looking up 'owner draw'. I have found many things to do with 'owner draw' and many things that depend on 'owner draw', BUT nowhere could I find a satisfactory 'definition' of owner draw.
    In simple layman's terms, please, could someone define the phrase?????


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    Default RE: Owner Draw

    WOW now that is a loaded question. My accounting background defines owner draw as monies that the owner(s) withdraw from the company and use for personal reasons. This is then adjusted with the gross income/loss at the end of a given period. Can you be more specific as to the context of which you have seen owner draw?

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    Default RE: Owner Draw


    I type in "owner" in the CHM file search box and then clicked on:

    Lesson 14 Using Owner-Draw Specifications in Controls

    which has this to say:

    As we saw in the previous lesson, the term "owner-draw" refers to the fact that the developer can control certain aspects about the appearance of a button. For example, we saw how owner-draw strings allowed us to put text and a bitmap on a button.

    Owner-draw strings can also be used with other control types. In the case of list boxes and tree controls, for example, you may want to associate a bitmap with each entry in the control. Alternatively, you may want to transform the way the data in the control is displayed (e.g., swapping the order of two words in each array entry).
    I hope this helps.


    Jay Talbott

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    Default RE: Owner Draw

    Owner draw commands apply to xdialog only. They define how the control is "drawn" or displayed. Using owner draw controls, you can change the appearance of certain xdialog elements.


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