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Thread: Plain Text, Letters, and formatting

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    Joseph Claeys

    Default Plain Text, Letters, and formatting

    I have a letter with several 'conditional sentences' (e.g. if sex = "m"He else She). Anyway this generates a really nice document in pdf (previews and prints nicely too). In rtf and plain text I get HUGE spaces between words - especially where the conditional expressions are placed.

    Is there a trim feature that might help me out? I can't help but wonder what format the "preview" is using because it looks like simple text and is formatted just fine (also looks like an image file though).

    Any I have a nice little 'on push' Event that saves it as a text file. If anyone knows of a command or expression that might clean up the formatting (even a little) then please let me know. I've searched high and low...

    '------------ Save letter as Plain text

    record_number = current_record_number()
    query.filter = "recno() = " + record_number
    query.order = ""

    nameVar = trim(v_last)



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    Default RE: Plain Text, Letters, and formatting

    Have you tried the alltrim() function


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