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Thread: How do I make my own application

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    Default How do I make my own application

    I read the tutorial. All I learnd was how to use the features lkke sort. I can create a table, a form, but where are the navigation buttons. I tried to make them but it keeps coming up about opening some exisiting move thing. I'm totally confused. I need something to step me thru building the application not how to use sort, query and stuff. like, create a database then create a table, enter the fields, pick a index , now create a form, and so on.
    with explaibations on how to create them. also putting a control on, ect. any help would be great.

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    Default RE: How do I make my own application


    Best advice to give you right now I think would be to study the example that came with A5, Alpha Sports.
    You can download the tutorial on that as well so you can see step-by-step how it was done.



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    Default RE: How do I make my own application

    Also go through the action scripting tutorial. You can probably do 90% of what you want without any code, just action scripting.


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    Dr Alok Modi MD

    Default RE: How do I make my own application

    Consider visiting

    Dr Alok Modi MD

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    Default RE: How do I make my own application


    The first thing to do is put down on paper what you want to do. What is the data you want to store, how it is going to be entered and how it is to be retrieved. From there you bouild the tables. Next your build the forms to enter the data and the the reports to present the data back in a meaningful way. After you have acheived the above then start to learn the frilly bits of form design and indexing.

    Just take one step at a time. We are all still learning here and some of us have been doing database applications for many years.


    Keith Hubert

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