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Thread: File locking

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    Roger Evans

    Default File locking

    I have developed and used a database system for my work and have used it successfully many times. However on using it recently I received the following error message;
    File Locking Count Exceeds Max:512, I then press OIK and receive a further error message "Unlocking locked file 132" I press OK and keep getting the same error messages.
    This error occurs when I try to update Data on a form. This system has been used for many contracts and this is the first occassion this has happens.

    Any one out there with an answer it would be much appreciated

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    Default RE: File locking


    If your form is based on a set of tables, and

    If your set specifications enable referential integrity,

    It's possible that the referential integrity mechanism is triggering the fault. When you begin edits to the primary table, all the related records must be locked. This includes the entire descendant tree (children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren, etc). Perhaps you've recently entered enough records to blow past a file lock limit.

    -- tom

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