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Thread: Which is Windows 98 upgrade to Alpha Five 4.03?

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    Denny Johnson

    Default Which is Windows 98 upgrade to Alpha Five 4.03?


    Somehow I get confused over which Alpha product is for what!

    Alpha Five version 4.03 build 230 is running in Windows 98 on our company computer. We have been eagerly awaiting the release that includes email integration & jpeg support.

    Could someone tell me if the Alpha 4.5 now offered on the home page and downloadable for $79.00 ( that long-promised new version? Or is it an intermediary step that lacks email and jpeg capability?

    Thanks for any information!


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    Alpha Software Employee Richard Rabins's Avatar
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    Richard Rabins
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    Default RE: Which is Windows 98 upgrade to Alpha Five 4.03


    Those features and many more are in version 5.

    For details on version 5 you can go to

    Richard Rabins
    Alpha Software.

    You will receive full credit on your version 4.5 upgrade when you purchase version 5.

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    Denny Johnson

    Default RE: Which is Windows 98 upgrade to Alpha Five 4.03

    Thanks for the response...I am assuming version 4.5 does not have email or jpeg support, right?


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    Default RE: Which is Windows 98 upgrade to Alpha Five 4.03

    Correct. It basically addresses stability issues. The price of the upgrade to version 4.5 is fully applicable to the version 5 upgrade. In other words, it costs you nothing to gain stability while you wait for version 5 (assuming you plan on upgrading to version 5.)

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    Denny Johnson

    Default Alpha Five 4.03 Saved EXPORT bug?

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for clarifying this for me! We do plan on upgrading to Alpha Five v5.

    There is an apparent bug - very pesky - in Alpha 4.03 that I hope does not carry over into version 5.

    Is this the forum to post the problem in? (I am not a programmer, and so I use the built-in functions extensively. No xbasic attempted here.)

    In a Database named Herzspr.dbf (form view), I click on:
    Records> Operations> Saved Operations> and then the Operation's Title,
    ExportHerzAdvr to export 12 fields into a text file named herzadvr.txt.

    For some reason, each time we export, Alpha 4.03 adds duplicate, triplicate, quadruple fields to the next Saved Export Operation in the sequence! This increases exponentially each time the export operation is run, and affects ALL the other Export Operations in the group (all have similar names).

    The Export Operations are named in the following manner: ExportHerzAdvr, ExportHerzAmin, ExportHerzArsc, etc.

    When each Export Operation is created, it contains, say, 12 fields:
    ExportHerzAdvr has Stkno, Title, Desc...etc
    ExportHerzAmin has Stkno, Title, Desc...etc
    ExportHerzArsc has Stkno, Title, Desc...etc

    Running the same Operations a 2nd time produces output containing:
    ExportHerzAdvr has Stkno, Stkno, Title, Title, Desc, Desc...etc
    ExportHerzAmin has Stkno, Stkno, Stkno, Title, Title, Title, Desc, Desc, Desc...etc
    ExportHerzArsc has Stkno, Stkno, Stkno, Stkno, Title, Title, Title, Title, Desc, Desc, Desc, Desc...etc

    and so on, until the last Export Operation (there are about 36 in all) has a very large number of fields!

    The output file always contains the right field contents, but each output file will contain replicated information: ExportHerzAdvr is in duplicate,
    ExportHerzAmin is in triplicate, ExportHerzArsc is quadrupled, and so on until all 36 Export Operations are cycled.

    The next time they are run, it repeats the whole replication in double amounts. Because we produce these files only quarterly we have temporarily gotten around the problem deleting the like-names export operations every quarter and re-creating each export operation again.

    Tedious and time-consuming.

    Any ideas? or know of someone to contact?


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