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Thread: Using Wildcard w/Variables

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    Robert Fishell

    Default Using Wildcard w/Variables

    Is there a way to use the wildcard "*" when using the “Variable Ask User” function in a report. I have a number of reports that run based on the contents of either one or multiple fields. Since users sometime don't enter data uniquely (can you imagine) it would be nice to be able to use the Wildcard to find all of the data that I’m looking for. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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    Default RE: Using Wildcard w/Variables

    I believe your objective could be met, but not using the Ask User Variable. Instead, define your variables on the form that calls the report and then in the report definition use the one of the CONTAINS functions or the *ANY function or the $ operator to create the filter expression.

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    Robert Fishell

    Default RE: Using Wildcard w/Variables

    The *ANY function works fine. I created a calculate field that asks for a character input. That looks like:

    "What_Item" = VAR->ASKC_What_Item_

    Then in the Report Details - Filter I set the following condition:

    *ANY(Field_Name,Calc->What_Item).AND.--- (any other conditions you need)

    It works fine. It will find all records that have any string of data that you enter in the variable field. It does appear to be case sensitive however for characters.

    Thanks for your help. This is a great find.


    Bob Fishell

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