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Thread: UPGRADING FROM A5 V1.04?

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    Default UPGRADING FROM A5 V1.04?

    The "upgrade" did not not provide much insight into how to update to a5 ver4.
    Things to expect, problems, zip update.
    Upgrade rec'vd Jan 20, 1999. Cleaning up desk and "found it!"

    Britt Young
    Buckeye State

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    Default RE: UPGRADING FROM A5 V1.04?


    Please call 1 800 451 1018 x 117

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    Default RE: UPGRADING FROM A5 V1.04?

    Will try to call today 10/30/00 E.S.T. here

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    Default RE: UPGRADING FROM A5 V1.04?

    Britton, I assume you are looking for answers about updating your existing A5v1 apps to A5v4. Here's a couple quick things but you will probably find a lot of other info by going to the version 4 message board and doing a search on something like "v1".

    Also, don't be shy about asking specific questions on the V4 board. Someone here will be glad to answer. You can also e-mail me directly but you'll probably get a faster answer by posting it on the message board - sometimes I get busy or go out of town for 3-4 days without checking my e-mail but message board answers often come in minutes or hours.

    First, copy all your current A5v1 files to a new directory before working on them with v4. Once the files are modified by v4 they can no longer be used by v1 and you WILL want to be able to refer back to them.

    Next, try running them as-is from v4. They might just work OK.

    2 more notes:

    - This was the most common issue for me: If you have a lot of scripts, there is a good chance you've used "db_reset()". ALL db_reset() functions will have to be changed. V4 cannot handle the db_reset function. OK, it sorta' can but you won't want to do it. Here's the warning from the help files:
    WARNING: The table.reset() method should only be used in the Interactive window to set the primary table of the Interactive window session. Using table.reset() in a script attached to an event or button on a form could cause unpredictable results because the table on which the form is based must be the primary table of the session.

    - If you have any scripts attached to an application (I had a lot), the scripts can be used by A4 but you can't get to them to modify them. Because of this, I did a lot of cut-and-paste from v1 to v4. If you create a new v4 global script with the same name as the v1 original, the global script will 'override' the application script and can now be changed. NOTE: This ONLY applies to scripts attached to a v1 application (app card). Any scripts attached to tables or sets will be accessible in v4.

    Hope this helps.

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